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2 free dairy webinars – in English and Portugese


In English

LDAC Presentation in Portuguese

In Portuguese

In November 2015, NNB presented two webinars at the Latin American Dairy Congress in Brazil. One is in Portugese (of course) and the other in English. You can watch them by following the links above.

What they concern is one of the increasingly frequent turnarounds in what we believe about healthy food. Eggs, nuts, avocado and chocolate have all been falsely regarded as “unhealthy” in the past. And they have all been revealed – thanks to nutrition science – to be in fact naturally healthy and a good addition to a healthy diet.

The next turnaround concerns cheese . After 40 years of being demonized for its fat and salt content, science has established that not only is cheese not harmful, in fact it could be beneficial. Sodium in cheese does not increase blood pressure and cheese does not lead to cardiovascular disease or to weight gain. In fact it may have the opposite effect.

As the advance of nutritional science overturns yet another of the misleading – and just plain wrong – dietary rules that have dominated people’s lives since the 1970s, it isn’t surprising that consumers no-longer trust experts. Instead, they do their own research on the web and make their own decisions.

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