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A dairy-grain combination connects to multiple key trends and becomes a premium-priced success

Multiple Trends ChartAs our lead Case Study shows, a traditional food can be successfully reinvented by connecting to multiple trends – and can both earn a super-premium price and rocketing mass-market sales.

PepsiCo-owned Quaker Oat So Simple is a simple concept – a 58g single-serve pot of oats, blended with milk powder. You just add hot water and it’s ready to eat in just 2 minutes. Launched in 2011 it now comes in 15 flavours and has jumped from zero to around $65 million (€51 million) in sales. That’s not bad in a market of 60 million people. Best of all, compared on a price per kilo basis, the Oat So Simple pot sells at a 900%+ price premium over traditional breakfast oats.

How was this achieved? The answer is that Oat So Simple connects to several of the most important trends:

Naturally Functional (Key Trend 1): the biggest trend, Oat So Simple offers simple, natural ingredients which have a health halo in the mind of the consumer.

Dairy 2.0 (Key Trend 2): the brand uses dairy ingredients to achieve a satisfying flavour and texture. Dairy is getting new vitality from its re-birth as a “natural whole food”, sold in formats that are a natural and logical for dairy. Grain and dairy combinations are a fast-growing part of this trend, worldwide.

Weight Wellness (Key Trend 5): with only 200 calories per serve the brand fits consumers’ desire to be able to make good decisions about weight management every day in almost every meal occasion without having to turn to diets and “special foods”.

The Snackification of Everything (Key Trend 6): the biggest one for this brand. Oat So Simple took an unpopular, inconvenient and difficult-to-prepare food which had only a marginal consumer base in the UK and transformed it by making it into a super-convenient, good-tasting snack.

Slow Energy (Key Trend 7): finally, oats can credibly communicate that they give “sustained energy” – and even have an approved health claim for energy.

If you want to make a success of any product, you need to connect to multiple key trends. Our key trend analysis is designed as a framework to help you make the decisions about where to focus:

If you want to reduce your risk of failure and increase your chances of success, it’s one of the most useful tools you can equip yourself with.



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