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A “new way of eating bread” earns premium for Portuguese bakery

A traditional Portuguese bakery brand is successfully reinventing itself for the premium gourmet market by re-positioning bread as a convenient snack with strong artisanal and provenance claims.

Diplomata Biscuit saw an opportunity to offer “permission to indulge” for the many consumers who are looking for a lighter snack without the bulk of bread. Established in 1981, this small company from central Portugal recently introduced thin, crispy baked crackers made with bread dough and using simple and natural ingredients.

Retailed mainly in small lifestyle stores and upscale retailers like El Corte Ingles, the products range from simple “salt & water” crackers and cinnamon crackers to whole wheat puffy crackers, all of which consumers are advised to enjoy as they would bread – with “a good coffee, tea or wine”.

The brand is positioned as:

  • 0% sugar
  • 0% lactose
  • 0% raising agents
  • 0% preservatives
  • 100% natural

Bread brands have experienced a lot of negatives in recent years, from concerns about gluten to – more recently – negative perceptions about carbohydrates and weight management. But for many health-conscious people, what matters is that bread tastes good and it’s versatile. That’s why it’s the toughest sacrifice for low-carbers, with 20% of people who want to reduce the carbs in their diet saying it’s the hardest carb to give up.

Making sure that carb-based products remain a good choice for people who want to eat better or fewer carbs will be key to success for all companies in carb-rich categories, and there are many opportunities to do so. You can read more about these opportunities in our 2019 Key Trends report (Key Trend 5 “Good Carbs, Bad Carbs):

 By Joana Maricato

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