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Australian Avocados and Chobani team up for good-fat pop-up

If there is one food that has benefited from the ongoing rehabilitation of fat, it’s the avocado. So much so that industry body Australian Avocados decided to name its pop-up avocado restaurant Good Fat – clearly communicating to consumers that yes, avocados contain significant amounts of fat and yes, there is such a thing as good fat.

In a world where fat still raises a red flag in many consumers’ minds, this is a bold move. However, research indicates that Australians may be ready for such a move, as their awareness of the concept of healthy fats is relatively advanced. In a recent study by NNB, 76% of Australians said they were aware that only some fats were bad for you, while 16% said that fat was not bad for you at all, and only 7% believed all fat was bad.

Riding on a wave of increased consumer acceptance of fat, the Good Fat restaurant opened its doors on the 2nd of November for one month only. The restaurant was a partnership between Australian Avocados and yoghurt brand Chobani, and the aim was to “showcase the deliciousness and versatility of our country’s beloved fruit”. The all-day menu comprised 20 avocado-based dishes, each costing AUD$20 ($16) or less, including avocado ice cream cones, avocado fries and avocado smoothies made with Chobani yoghurt.

And the Sydney-siders loved it! They loved it so much that restaurant had to close for restocking already after its second day in business.

Whether Good Fat’s success would have endured, or whether the novelty would have worn off, we will never know. But permanent avocado restaurants in Amsterdam, New York and Glasgow suggest that consumer demand is there, and that the market for good fat is anything but saturated.

By Mikaela Lindén

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