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Bee the change

This is the New Nutrition Business beehive. It’s the first, we hope, of many.

NNB Bee hive in situ

Bee populations are suffering from sharp declines in many countries. The reasons are complex and controversial. But the important things is that this has serious – and potentially disastrous – implications for the pollination of crops and for food security.

So at NNB we decided that, being a company that is “in food”, we should make our own contribution to helping rebuild bee populations. As Mahatma Gandhi is supposed to have said, “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Bee Keeper installing the Bee Hive sponsored by NNBThis hive – which is installed in the garden of our animal-loving colleague Chris in Scotland – was delivered to us earlier this year by Plan Bee Ltd, an ethical, sustainable, eco-innovation business which exists solely to supply and manage beehives and bring more bees into the world.

Plan Bee collects the honey, we get about 12 jars, and Plan Bee sells the rest to raise further money for more hives. Plan Bee also charges a small fee for the hive.

With Scottish flower meadows near Chris’ garden, we’re hoping that we’ll have some delicious honey.

Next spring we’ll get our second hive. And the year after that another, then another…..

You can find out all about Plan Bee here:

The company is led by Warren Bader, a film-maker turned environmentalist and bee expert. I’m sure he’d be delighted to explain how you, too, can help to do something for the bees.

Scottish Honey Bees Certificate of Adoption

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