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The UK’s biggest and most important food & drink trade show – International Food & Drink Event – was this year all about vegan, 100% natural, free-from and low in sugar. In the middle of this environment-friendly, sustainability and free-from craze, there were a few companies that stood out.

Oumph! Founded in 2015 in Sweden, Oumph already has sales of about $6 million (€5.5 million). When asked what makes this company different, Djani Skrgo “Master of Key Relations” says, “Even though we produce vegan products, we are not a vegan company. We’re not trying to target vegans. Nobody’s perfect – in fact, almost nobody of our employees is vegan. We’re only trying to decrease our meat consumption and encourage that in others. We’re trying to create a new food logic and make people think about our planet.”

Oumph is retailed in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland. “We’re currently active 50% in food service and 50% in retail and we’re here at IFE to find the right partner to expand in the UK. We believe that we have a unique product thanks to the long fibers which makes the texture and taste very similar to animal protein”, Skrgo said.

And he wasn’t lying – the small bites they were offering at the show truly did taste like meat.

What A Melon. Even though there were plenty of fun products and stands, it didn’t compare to the What A Melon stand. If it was an Instagram picture, this would be the caption: When you’re trying to run a business but also wanna have fun.

The entire stand was very simple and fun: one disco ball, bright colours, great music, employees on roller skates, and no messages whatsoever on any posters.

They were not attracting visitors with the now popular free-from claims, but with simplicity and an escape from their everyday activities. Visitors were asked to hula hoop and dance with them – everyone was taking pictures and What A Melon was not having trouble with getting attention and promotion.

“There are so many coconut waters around, but a lot of people have a problem with the taste. Watermelon is an alternative. It has all the electrolytes as coconut water which makes it a great hydrator. It also has lycopene which is great for the heart. Last March, we were the first to launch a tetra pack watermelon water in the world and we’re hoping to launch a 1L size bottle soon,” Will Rhys said.

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