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Dairy strikes back

Dairy businesses faced with the seeming inexorable rise of plant-based dairy alternatives, supported by a torrent of online media and social media attention, could do worse than take a leaf from the UK’s new humorous social media campaign promoting the pleasure of dairy.

The £1.2 million ($1.6 million/€1.4 million) campaign, run by industry group the Dairy Market Development Forum (DMDF), aims to shift attitudes over time and use emotive messages to reinforce the positive values and pleasures of dairy.

In a sign of how attitudes to dairy and saturated fats have shifted, one of the adverts (see example from London Underground) promotes the pleasures of butter – a message that would have been very difficult to make in the anti-butter, anti-fat atmosphere of 15 or 20 years ago.

It centres on a spoof government department, the Department of Dairy Related Wholesome Affairs, with a series of ads designed to look like public service messages.

Running on social media, as well as outdoor and digital advertising, the campaign will focus on a younger Millennial audience. This group, says the DMDF, doesn’t fully understand the value of dairy and how it fits with their lives.

The campaign follows extensive research into UK consumer attitudes and why they are, or are not, choosing dairy.

While 63% of people surveyed said that they preferred the taste of dairy, the category is often forgotten, with people not thinking about the dairy products they are consuming day-to-day at all. Hence one of the focus areas of the campaign is “Hidden Dairy” – reminding consumers what makes a latte great, and why granola and yoghurt is so tasty.


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