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Disruptive innovators show how to make an opportunity of breakfast snackification

NNB Infographic Breakfast ReportConsumers are more willing to experiment with new convenient foods at breakfast than at any other meal occasion.

The reason? Increasingly in our urbanised society people find it difficult to make time to consume a traditional breakfast at home. It’s a global phenomenon.


  • In south Asia 66% of office workers take breakfast away from home 3 or more times in any 2-week period (NNB survey)
  • 20% of Asian office workers have breakfast on-the-go every single day
  • 25% of young Americans normally take breakfast way from home
  • More than 40% of people everywhere (Europe, US, Asia, South America) routinely substitute snacks for breakfast (Nielsen Global Snacking Survey)

Mondelez’s Belvita breakfast biscuits and the Up & Go breakfast drink brand are the two big disruptive innovations that show how creatively-minded companies can respond to the trend and create massive successes.

The lesson? You must never dismiss a new product idea just because it seems “too strange” or “too innovative” – or let the consumer researchers tell you that it is “too new and unfamiliar for consumers”. Because new and unfamiliar (and super-convenient) is what they want – as Belvita and Up & Go have demonstrated.

Interestingly, the big breakfast cereal companies had all looked at breakfast biscuits and breakfast drinks – and decided not to go ahead with them because they were “too innovative”. Now they are all launching me-toos and struggling to play catch up.

If you are an entrepreneur or a start-up this is all good news – the market is fragmenting and a wealth of niches has opened up for new and creative brands.

The strategies and success factors for new breakfast products, as well as some new ideas, are all explored in our new 65-page report, The Snackification of Breakfast. We think you will agree that provides the best insights on the subject, simply packaged in one easy-to-read document.

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