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Five on Friday

Ocelot for web

1. We believe that it’s best to begin everything with chocolate (or at least thinking about chocolate).

Ocelot hand-made raw chocolate truffles are the most delicious we have tasted – and in our work we have tasted a lot of truffles. Best of all, you can buy them online for delivery anywhere in the world. And even better, the two dynamic young chefs Matt and Ish (boy and girl and yes they are married to one-another) who set up Ocelot and make the chocolates themselves are sincere, talented and human.

Go here now and treat yourself:


2. For good health, lunch like the Italians and the French and eat some protein in the middle of the day. Excellent!

Find out more here:  Science Daily


3. Why “refined carbohydrates” might be the biggest culprit in the obesity crisis. Respected Harvard Medical School professor David Ludwig explains in the New York Times:

Are we fat because we overeat, or do we overeat because we are fat?


4. An advertising regulator decides to ignore what the law says and criticise a health claim that’s been allowed for almost 20 years in the US, Europe and elsewhere and is backed by 100+ published clinical studies, scrutinised by the toughest regulators. Can I do that? I didn’t think so…


5. Finally, some key trends in Asia: 


Have a good weekend!


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