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How do you appeal to health-conscious moms?

Moms have always been a great force behind the success of food and beverage brands, but now they have become the ultimate gateway consumer for companies aiming at the natural, organic and healthy products segments – especially if they’re first-time parents.

Lisa Mabe, founder of GreenPurse, a specialty research and public relations consultancy, says they are a super-motivated consumer. “First-time moms represent a window of opportunity for both retailers and brands to catch a customer on the cusp of a new life stage,” Mabe said.

Mabe created a list of best-practice tips to hone in on health-oriented moms, and here is a selection of some of her ideas:

1. Go shop-along 
Shop with mothers to understand how they think, behave and buy in your category.

2. Produce mom-centric content 
Create visual content useful to moms, which will fuel visits to your website.

3. Help moms get the weekly shopping done 
Partner with retailers on instore programmes to educate and entertain moms and kids, making shopping easier.

4. Be a presence in trusted mom media 
Get coverage in media outlets with a focused mom following, rather than big mainstream media.

5. Organize or host mom meetups 
It’s a great way to get feedback about your products directly from the customers.

6. Utilize mom experts to advocate for your brand 
Work with mom experts with a strong media presence, such as nutritionists, dieticians, authors and bloggers, to create regular posts on your website.

7. Participate in industry and consumer events about moms or targeting moms 
Go for shows that are related to your product category, such as events about health and wellness, eating trends or gluten-free.

8. Be an industry presence and showcase your success in connecting with moms 
You can present your knowledge in marketing to moms by speaking at industry trade shows, or giving interviews for industry publications.

For more information, read the full article “Creating lifelong customers from health-oriented moms” in Kids Nutrition Report issue 60, 2017.

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