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Low carb life – week 3

Okay, the novelty has definitely started to wear off. I go between hating and loving this diet. Getting through a stubborn cold without being able to eat some of my favourite foods was definitely one long week of hating it.

While I appreciate the improved satiety, the experiments in the kitchen and the stable energy the ketogenic diet gives me, I am happy that this for me is a project with definitive end. It is not as difficult as I had expected, and certainly it gets easier the longer you do it, but I keep coming back to the fact that it is too extreme.

It is too extreme to have to measure my intake of healthy foods such as tomatoes and carrots, because they are considered ‘carby’. To have to exclude fruit altogether, except for the odd handful of berries, is too extreme. To not be able to treat an irritating cough, because all remedies contain too much sugar, is too extreme. For me, the diet is not sustainable. And that is coming from someone who is both stubborn and keen on challenges!

However, I would still recommend the keto diet to anyone who wanted to try it for a limited period of time. It’s an interesting experience, that has taught me things about myself as well as the food world that we live in. Everywhere I look there are carbs, and rarely of good quality.

I already knew how much hidden sugar there could be in the most unlikely foods, but studying nutrition labels slavishly for three weeks has made me painfully aware of this issue. A bowl of soup with 10 grams of sugar, anyone?

In a little over a week this experiment is over, and I can honestly say that I will never appreciate carbs more than when it is; the ‘good’ ones, but also the ‘bad’ (yes sugar, I am looking at you).

By: Mikaela Lindén

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