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Low carb life – week 4

My experiment has come to an end. On Saturday I ate carbs normally for the first time in a month, and it was just as good as I had expected. And yes, porridge was the first thing that I indulged in.

Looking back, low-carb life was not as bad as I had feared: challenging and frustrating, but also very interesting – and decreased feelings of hunger made things a lot easier. I have tried new recipes, rekindling my interest in cooking. Low-carb cauliflower & mushroom soup is definitely in my recipe book to stay, and so is almond flour pizza. Cauliflower pizza, on the other hand, I won’t miss.

I have also learned to eat certain foods about which I used to have a childish “I don’t like that” attitude, and my daily vegetable intake doubled during the diet.

Despite this, such a low-carb diet is simply too extreme and I wouldn’t recommend anyone live this way full-time. It was fun as a challenge, but for me, it ends there.

However, if you are feeling inspired and want to attempt your own low-carb life, I have a few words of advice:

  • Plan your meals far in advance to avoid falling for unexpected temptations.
  • Track your intake religiously until you are confident enough – 50 grams of carbs per day is not as much as you may think!
  • Avoid sweetened foods to faster kick sugar cravings.
  • Try to get a buddy to do it with you. Living with someone following the same diet helped me a lot. I’m sure I would have failed if I had done this entirely alone.

Okay, I’m off to make myself a coffee. With regular milk. Little did I know that such a small thing could feel so indulgent and luxurious!

By: Mikaela Lindén


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