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Magnum goes vegan

In September 2018, Unilever-owned Magnum launched two vegan versions of the popular ice-cream in Sweden and Finland. Plant-based eaters there, estimated at around 6-9% of the population, are now able to enjoy Magnum Classic and Magnum Almond, based on pea protein.

Vegan Magnum Classic contains 1.6g of protein per 100g and 28g of sugar, while the regular Magnum Classic contains 3.6g per 100g and 27g of sugar.

The product has also launched in the UK, where the vegan ice-cream market is thriving and includes other popular brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Cornetto.

Magnum Vegan is described as “a luxurious vegan alternative” and promoted as being “100% pleasure”. In the UK, the product is promoted exclusively on a vegan platform whereas in Sweden, Magnum also bills it as an option for people sensitive to milk.

Magnum Vegan retails in the UK at a nearly 100% price premium compared with other Magnums. When compared to other vegan ice-cream sticks on the market, the price premium is nearly 50%.  Will the price tag put vegan pleasure seekers off? Probably not. Magnum Vegan gives ethically-concerned consumers an opportunity to indulge in a real classic from the ice-cream aisle, and that is likely to go a long way.

by Mikaela Lindén

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