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NNB presents at London event

Health and wellbeing is a key driver of consumer decision-making, and what most companies need to know is how to tap into what people want.

To answer these questions, New Nutrition Business will present at Food Matters Live – an international industry event showcasing the latest developments in better-for-you food and drink innovation – taking place in London’s ExCel from 20–22 November.

NNB’s director Allene Bruce will talk about the health and wellbeing trend shaping the market and the categories that are showing growth. Working from a database of global quantitative and qualitative information gathered over 20 years, NNB helps companies understand the most important shifts in health and nutrition and how to connect to them.

Another NNB team member to present at Food Matters Live is research manager Joana Maricato, who will discuss the personalisation trend with a focus on strategies that companies use employ to navigate the increasingly fragmenting consumer landscape. A trend that’s on the lips of companies of all types, personalisation is often described in the media as the ‘wave of the future’.

The presentation is a part of a personalisation roundtable, “The next chapter in technology for personalised nutrition”, and will take place on Wednesday 21 November.

We hope to see you there!

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