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NNB talks personalised nutrition in Lübeck

What are the key drivers behind personalised nutrition? And how can companies respond to consumers’ demand for tailored solutions?

These are some of the questions that NNB’s research manager Joana Maricato explored at NEWTRITION X, the first international industry summit dedicated solely to personalised nutrition.

Held in the historic German city of Lübeck on 12 September 2018, and organised by the foodRegio e.V. industry network, NEWTRITION X gathered decision makers from the food industry, particularly those working in the innovative fields of development, nutrition, health and wellbeing, to discover the latest findings and the potential of personalised nutrition.

Personalisation has been identified as one of the key trends in the business of food, nutrition & health. It is all about consumers “taking back control” of what they buy, eat and do – people want to feel more empowered and confident to create their very own healthy eating patterns.

One of the lessons emerging so far is that the tech and apps aspect of personalised nutrition is the easy part compared to the challenges of delivering personalised foods.

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