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10 Key Trends 2018

Every year we aim to entertain and inform our customers with the New Nutrition Business annual analysis of the Key Trends in the Business of Food, Nutrition & Health. If you want to know what trends will be creating opportunities and challenges for your business in the years ahead, you will find them here, as well as some practical advice about how companies are successfully responding to these trends – and what you can take from these for your own business.

We produce 10 Key Trends as an antidote to the hundreds of trend lists that companies are bombarded with, in which the trends change frequently, with new subjects appearing one year and disappearing the next. This is not the case with NNB’s 10 Key Trends.

We focus only on answering the most important questions that all companies face:

1. Will this trend endure?
2. Will it produce opportunities for profitable growth?

If a trend appears in our list it’s because it has passed the test of these two questions. And when we look at how long a trend will endure, we mean that we believe that it will stick around and have a strong (or small but getting stronger) influence on our industry for at least five years – because no-one can afford to connect their new product development efforts to something that might be gone two years from now.

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