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Start-up bets on savoury yoghurt

It is a brave move to launch yoghurt with vegetables considering that Blue Hill, Chobani, Fage and Noosa have already tried it in the US, only to pause the production or remove the products from their portfolios soon after. It’s a hard sell despite benefiting from growing consumers’ fears of sugar – a key ingredient in standard fruit yoghurt.

But UK-based The Veggie Plot aims to succeed where others have failed. The start-up launched 150 gram pots of Greek yoghurt mixed with avocado, cucumber, beetroot, roast vegetables or red pepper. The Veggie Plot yoghurt range is available in UK online retailer Ocado since July this year, and goes for a premium price of £1.79 ($2.30/€1.12) per 100g pot.

The products are promoted on a “no added sugar” platform, aiming to persuade British consumers to swap from berry to beetroot when buying a yoghurt snack.

The Veggie Plot highlights the versatility of their savoury yoghurts, suggesting an array of uses – from cooking, making dips and accompaniments, to having them as ready-to-eat healthy snack.

Veggie Plot is targeting ‘foodies’, positioning itself as a speciality brand for consumers who like to experiment and explore. As we are all food explorers now, this might just work.

By Mikaela Lindén

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