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The sportification of almond butter

Nut pouch picConvenience is key to success in every category, from dairy to vegetables. It’s key if you want to sell your product in on-the-go retail channels, such as convenience stores, gas stations and cafés at airports and rail stations. And it’s key to reaching important consumer groups like millenials and people doing sport.

So it was only a matter of time before the centre-store products that have traditionally been sold only in bulky, inconvenient “family sizes”, had to face the fact that it’s time to cast off their old commitment to volume.

Nut butters – peanut, almond and others – have been rapidly growing in popularity, powered by growing awareness of the health benefits of protein.

But a 340g jar of almond butter is of limited use to someone in a hurry who needs a snack on-the-go. The introduction of 30g single-serve sachets is long overdue. The example above (see picture) is one of the first on the market, produced by start-up Pip & Nut.

Pip & Nut’s product is an example of Sportification (see New Nutrition Business 10 Key Trends 2017, ), which is changing the landscape in food and many other categories.

Until recently some argued that sports nutrition would go mainstream and that we would all be gorging ourselves on sports beverages and snacks.

In reality, the opposite is happening. Sports nutrition products score low on naturalness in the eyes of most people, so when they want a food or drink while they exercise, they choose instead natural foods – and ideally presented in a convenient single-serve form.

A single-serve product, positioned for sport, has driven sales growth for a surprising number of companies, from cake-maker Soreen to bar-maker Clif.

Peanut and almond butters are the latest category to be “sportified”. As it says on Pip & Nut’s sachets:

“Perfectly-proportioned sachets to squeeze on-the-go or squirrel away for later.

  • Before a run
  • After the gym
  • In your lunchbox
  • At your desk”

Generations past might have thought twice about sucking peanut butter out of a sachet, but it’s normal now, thanks to the growth of sports gels and squeezable pouches of fruit purees, dairy products and more.

Whatever category you are in, the on-the-go, single-serve product is fast becoming a basic requirement.

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