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The world of food mashups gives us Donuts 2.0: Doshi’s

Easy, quick, healthy: the sushi donut – or “doshi” – has it all. In the wonderful world of food mashups, there are winners and there are losers. The sushi donut is an all-star.

Don’t worry, they’re not sushi-flavoured donuts, nor are they sushi deep-fried and rolled in sugar.

Sushi donuts made the news when a vegan food blogger Sam Murphy shared her latest creation on Instagram: simply the components of sushi formed into the shape of a donut. Murphy’s creation was vegan – using the ingredients sushi rice, black sesame seeds, ginger, wasabi, cashew mayo and avocado – but now sushi donuts incorporating fish, shrimps, and more are popping up all over Instagram.

Even though the sushi donut made the news in 2016, the media is not done talking about it and more and more restaurants worldwide are catching on. Square Fish in Toronto serves tuna, salmon, shrimp or veggie doshi for $8-10. A restaurant called Sushigroove in Indonesia has also introduced sushi donuts. California’s Sushi Donut has taken the donuts to the next level: they dye the sushi rice with crazy, rainbow colors.

Seems like the “doshi” is not going anywhere anytime soon, but we’re on the lookout for the next big trend in food mashups…and we’ve already found one. We’re not even halfway through 2018 and this year has already a viral food mashup: the tacro.

San Francisco bakery Vive La Tarte introduced a taco-croissant hybrid in January and it has taken Instagram by storm. Selling for $12 a pop, you might think it’s a bit pricey for a croissant with taco fillings. But apparently they taste delicious, and more importantly, they’re incredibly photogenic.

Will it be as good as the “doshi”? Only time will tell. One thing is for sure, food mashups are the trend that won’t die.

By: Ann Eshaw

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