Digestive wellness diversifies with activated chips

Chips for gut health? UK start-up Boundless is an excellent example of the key trend Digestive Wellness Diversifies. Fragmentation of consumer beliefs about food and health means that consumers are receptive to new digestive solutions and new types of products – such as these activated chips from Boundless.

Made from sorghum and yellow pea, the brand uses a trademarked method where it soaks the ingredients in salt water to kick-start germination. The levels of phytic acid are then reduced to “unleash the goldmine of nutrients previously locked away”, and the product is finally baked at a low temperature to retain nutrients and improve digestibility. According to the brand, the chips are a world first. After trying them during an NNB office tasting session, we can confirm that they are also delicious!

Boundless operates in a space that is intensely competitive, busy with both established and smaller players, but with lots of opportunities. Digestive wellness brands have to work hard to differentiate and mostly perform as niche or ‘big niche’ at best.

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