November 2019
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2020
PDF: 132 pages Powerpoint: 399 slides

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Our internationally-respected trends analysis is the only one that both identifies the biggest growth opportunities in the business of food and health, and spells out:

  • What strategies companies are following in order to connect to the trends
  • Which strategies you can use right now, and which are for the future
  • What are the risks and opportunities
  • Shifts in consumer beliefs and what they mean
  • Scientific changes that are driving market changes

Researched and written by people with industry experience, 10 Key Trends will help you make informed decisions about strategy and new product development. It’s based on a rigorous evaluation of everything from consumer needs to changes in nutrition science.

We understand that people need to know where they should best invest their time in product development, and that’s why, for every trend, we set out strategies that companies are using now – or could use.

And this year, we summarise the opportunities that each trend offers – high, medium or low/none – for each of the major food and beverage categories.

Used by companies from America to Australia, from New Zealand to Japan, from Sweden to Brazil, 10 Key Trends 2020 is the most useful report you will read all year.