January 2020
Strategies & Trends in Kids Nutrition
PDF: 36 pages Powerpoint: 103 slides

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Launching a kids nutrition product is the riskiest strategy you can choose. And the risk is higher than it has ever been.

Failure – or failure to scale beyond a niche or achieve sustainable profitability – is the most common outcome for most kids brands.

What must you do to succeed in this toughest of all segments of food and beverage?

This 33-page report sets out:

  • An 8-step checklist to create a successful kids nutrition strategy
  • The 7 key growth trends you can connect your product to
  • Backed by 5 case studies

The report draws on:

  • Our 15 years of expert consultancy in the kids nutrition sector.
  • Our wealth of primary research, including the 800 interviews that we have conducted with industry executives