March 2020
Strategy Briefing: Seven Healthy Habits for Commercialising Microbiome Science
PDF: 19 pages Powerpoint: 45 slides

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The microbiome is a hot topic. Scientific researchers and the media love to discuss new potential health benefits emerging from the better understanding of the human microbiome.

But the biggest challenge is how to commercialise the science – and how to create value for consumers.

This 19-page Strategy Briefing shows how companies can pursue new microbiome opportunities in the food, beverage and supplements markets by using Seven Healthy Habits. We have distilled these from the successes and failures of probiotics and prebiotics suppliers over the last 25 years.

Backed up with examples and short case studies, the briefing provides a proven model that anyone can apply to their business.

At New Nutrition Business we have been helping companies to commercialise new nutrition science for 20 years. We’re making our insights about how to succeed with microbiome science publicly available for the first time.