July 2020
Cheese snacking: a game-changing opportunity in health and indulgence
PDF: 20 pages

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Cheese snacking is one of the biggest opportunities for creative new product development, for business growth and improved profitability.

Brands such as Sargento Balanced Breaks, Whisps and others have already grown from zero in 2015 to over $500 million in sales by the start of 2020 – despite selling at super-premium prices.

Creative companies are providing cheese in convenient and interesting ways that make it easy for health-conscious consumers to incorporate it into their daily routine as an alternative to less healthy snacks.

People are increasingly embracing cheese as barriers to consumption fall – it’s no longer demonised for its fat and salt content, and science shows it may in fact be healthy. Cheese offers people a high-protein, low-sugar alternative to sweet or carb-heavy snacks.

Whether you are in the dairy business or the snacking business, this concise report spells out the wealth of ways in which you can make a success with cheese snacking. It covers products, positioning and pricing – all backed up with three detailed case studies.