August 2011
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2011 – the half year update
Powerpoint: 200 Slides

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Our annual 10 Key Trends report is the food and beverage industry’s most-used guide to strategy in food, nutrition and health, published each year since 1996. Halfway through each year, we provide a detailed 200-slide Powerpoint update that reflects the latest key developments and features 15 case studies.

About this report

The significant developments in our latest 2011 update include:

  • The concept of “naturality” – how to create and market foods that have a health benefit that’s natural and intrinsic – has come to dominate every company’s agenda.

  • Classically, energy drinks have been Red Bull-style products for the 18- to 25-year-old male. The massive untapped market for energy drinks that have better “natural” credentials has taken a huge step forward in the first half of this year with new launches from Nestlé and Campbell’s V8.

  • Connected to the trend for “naturalness”, there has been a surge of industry interest in products based on fruits and vegetables. The massive success of brands such as Nature Addicts fruit snacks in Europe and Campbell’s V-Fusion fruit and vegetable drinks in the US show just what can be achieved.

  • The seniors market is recognized as being the key driver of the health trend. Consumers aged 50+ are over-represented among the buyers of brands with health benefits. The seniors market encompasses a wide array of health benefits and finding ways to succeed in seniors now tops the agenda of every major food and beverage company.

  • It has become clear that in areas such as weight management, diabetes, sports nutrition and senior nutrition simply offering a product is not enough. Successful brands are also ones that provide a service.

Includes charts, tables and colour illustrations of products and marketing material.