February 2022
Consumer Briefing: From protein to carbs, mood & mind to nutrient density – a 5-country survey of food & health behaviour
PDF: 40 pages

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Consumer behaviours and attitudes around food and health grow ever more diverse. Each year, we take a close look at changes and developments in consumer sentiment by asking the consumers themselves, in 5 countries, how they’re eating and why.

Is low-carb eating growing – or waning? Are more people eating for mood & mental wellbeing? For immunity? And how aware are consumers of new issues that we’ve added this year – ultra-processed foods, nutrient density?

The results inform our annual 10 Key Trends report – and here, we make them available in a report that lays out the data in 78 charts, with brief summaries. We compare countries, look at the effects of gender and age, and show how the picture is changing compared to previous years.

Based on interviews with 2,633 consumers equally split between the US, UK, Australia, Spain and Brazil.