November 2022
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition & Health 2023
PDF: 164 pages Powerpoint: 457 slides

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Understanding which consumer trends will be the most important – and which strategies you can use to create success for your business – is a super-power for food industry executives. This unique report is written to enable you and your colleagues to develop this super-power.

For each trend, all the important points of strategy are clearly signposted so that you and your colleagues can use this report as a focus for discussions about:

  • what the trends mean for your business
  • what you can do now 
  • what you must be planning for tomorrow 

To help you figure out your strategy and NPD plans, 10 Key Trends sets out:  

  1. The 10 most important growth trends in nutrition & health.
  2. The consumer, market and science drivers for each trend.
  3. The direction of travel for each trend.
  4. Which strategies you can use for each trend. 
  5. How each strategy is developing, using real-world examples of companies and brands 
  6. Which trends and strategies you should think about today and which are emergent, so you can prepare for them in the future
  7. Which strategies are higher-risk and which are lower-risk.

We have even made all of this information available in Powerpoint to make it easier for you to share and discuss with colleagues, customers and suppliers. 

Written in a clear, 'get-to-the-point' style, by people who have both industry experience and scientific knowledge, this is the only report that tells you what your opportunities and challenges are going to be and what you can do about them.

This is why, for two decades, the smartest people in the business have used 10 Key Trends as a practical tool to help formulate strategy and innovation planning. Unlike other trend lists that come up with 10 entirely new things every year, we focus only on what the most-important long-term trends are – the ones that will stick around. 

Companies from American to Japan, Australia to France, and Sweden to South Korea rely on this report and find themselves returning again and again to 10 Key Trends for guidance.

Who will benefit from reading 10 Key Trends?

  • Brands, big or small, looking for a strategy direction or wanting to refine their strategy
  • Ingredient suppliers trying to understand the opportunities for their products and how to help their customers succeed
  • Researchers trying to figure out how to commercialise nutrition science
  • Start-ups (or anyone contemplating a start-up)
  • Investors looking to place their money wisely