November 2023
10 Key Trends in Food, Nutrition and Health 2024
PDF: 132 pages Powerpoint: 405 slides

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How do your category, your strategy and your brand measure up to the biggest consumer trends driving the food industry?

Aligning your business with what consumers really want is the strongest basis for success. But what consumers want is evolving. Our annual report – now in its 25th year – charts the shifting sands of consumer needs, motivation and fashion.

Focusing on the long-term opportunities, we pinpoint the 10 most important growth opportunities in food, nutrition and health. For each one, we examine in detail the drivers of change – evolving nutrition science, consumer beliefs, market development and ingredient choices.

With a wealth of charts and graphics, 10 Key Trends 2024 sets out the strategies that you can choose for each trend. To help spark inspiration and ideas, we illustrate everything with snapshots of over 200 innovative companies and brands. This 132 page report is written in an accessible style that's rich with illustrations. It is available in both PDF and PPT (both are included for customers who have a Premium or Enhanced license).

Thanks to our 20+ years in the industry, and our consultancy work, we know the real challenges facing companies, so we provide practical information that you can use in developing your strategy:

  • A description of each of the 10 trends, outlining the direction of travel and the driving factors
  • Explain which trends you should think about today and which are emergent
  • Outline the best strategies to connect to a trend, and the consumer, market and science drivers for each strategy
  • Show how each strategy is developing, using real-world examples of companies and brands 
  • Flag up which strategies are higher-risk and which are lower-risk

This report will help you to interpret:

  • What the trends mean for your business
  • What you can do now
  • What you must be planning for tomorrow 

Who can benefit from reading 10 Key Trends?

  • Brands both big and small who want to refine their strategy
  • Ingredient suppliers trying to understand the opportunities for their products and how to help their customers succeed
  • Researchers trying to figure out how to commercialise nutrition science