September 2008
Anlene: What makes the world's biggest bone health brand so successful?
PDF: 28 Pages Powerpoint: 50 Slides

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Positioned as “the expert in bone nutrition”, New Zealand dairy giant Fonterra’s Anlene brand is the biggest bone-health brand in the world.

About this report

Positioned as “the expert in bone nutrition” and as a brand with a positive message about “movement” and a healthy lifestyle, Anlene is one of the biggest dairy nutrition brands, its success based on its appeal to the lifestyle needs of women in mid-life.

Marketed by dairy giant Fonterra, it has become one of the most successful health brands in Asia.

This concise 28 page case study shows how this brand’s strategy successfully combines:

  • Continuous innovation in science and technology
  • A clinically proven position
  • Innovative and marketing communication techniques
  • Packaging innovation, such as a profitable extension into a daily dose format
  • A premium price position

This practical analysis includes examples of the brand’s communications and is illustrated with supermarket sales data.

For any company, large or small, looking to create a successful health proposition the story of Anlene shows what can be achieved in a tough, highly competitive market. Anlene’s strategies are not elusive, nor unachievable – they are instead steps that any company can easily take to propel its brands to new levels.