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Our case studies focus on brands and products that provide lessons from real challenges and opportunities which you can use to inform business strategy. They are packed with detail including brand portfolio, pricing, and communications and marketing strategy, merchandising and distribution, and come with a check list of key lessons learned.

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Published: March 2019

Case study: Fresh Fitness Food

Born out of a frustration with the lack of access to tailored nutrition in London, Fresh Fitness Food today serves 10 cities across the UK with personalised meals delivered on a daily basis. With a strong focus on fitness and health the brand targets the busy, health-aware consumer looking to have all their meals personalised and freshly prepared for them. 

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Published: November 2020

Case study: Fresheasy

South Korea's number one meal kit delivery service wants to “free the world of cooking” and shows how Covid-19 has forced a pivot in strategy. 

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Published: June 2019

Case study: Gainomax

An entrepreneur saw a medical product’s potential for sports nutrition and created Gainomax in 1990. The brand is today owned by major Swedish dairy cooperative Norrmejerier and has grown to become the most well-known sports nutrition brand in Sweden.

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Published: July 2023

Case study: Galychyna

This Ukrainian dairy brand sets itself apart from competition by using fresh milk, provenance marketing and a simplistic yet colourful packaging design.

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Published: January 2023

Case study: Ginsters

Ginsters is the Cornwall-based maker of savoury pastries that has seen great success thanks to significant investment in NPD, thereby ensuring it remains interesting and relevant in the minds of the consumers.

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Published: February 2024

Case study: Good Measure

Good Measure is perhaps one of the most successful brands to come out of General Mills’ internal venture studio G-works. Wanting to “mainstream a blood-sugar-friendly lifestyle”, the brand targets the small but growing number of health-forward consumers who are trying to reduce blood glucose spikes by the food choices they make.

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Published: November 2017

Case Study: Good Thins

Good Thins was Mondelez’ first new product line since Belvita in 2012, and their first savoury snack brand in more than a decade. The line was created in response to consumer demand for snacks that start with real ingredients combined with intriguing flavours, baked thin and crispy.

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Published: February 2024

Case study: Goodles

Despite what the media might be telling you, companies in carbohydrate categories have bright prospects - and Goodles illustrates this. Their nutrient-dense, better-for-you mac and cheese give consumers ‘permission to indulge’ in a classic comfort food while helping them tune out ‘carb-negative’ messages from social and mainstream media. 

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Published: February 2020

Case study: Gosh

What started as a humble deli in London has grown to become the UK's 8th biggest meat-free brand. Gosh's revenue is approaching $20m and many signs indicate that the independent brand might be preparing for a sale. 

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Published: May 2020

Case study: Gousto

Gousto is one of the main meal delivery service brands on the UK market and has raised over £130m ($162m/€149m) in external investment. The company achieved profitability for the first time in Q4 of 2019, having doubled its revenue in the same year. 

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